Jesus is Jewish.

Are you ready for a Hebrew-speaking Rabbi to rule the world? 

What if you could get closer to him NOW through Hebrew?

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Holy Language Institute is an internationally respected online school that has taught 1000+ students and become a worldwide community in the last 10+ years.

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Disciples walking with the Lord Jesus Christ. Talmidim following Rabbi Yeshua Messiah.

Following Yeshua...

Imagine the Galileans going about their day, hearing "follow me!", and looking up to see the Rabbi from Nazareth beckoning them to come, walk with him, and get acquainted. It was the first step in a journey of becoming like their Teacher, and going on to change the world in his name.

In a Hebrew way...

The disciples read the Hebrew Scriptures and prayed the traditional Jewish prayers with Yeshua...and they still do. Hebrew is our way of following in the footsteps of the Master, our way of encountering the King of the Jews through his holy language. 


The men and women who found the Messiah found themselves walking side by side, sharing a holy experience that turned them into a tightknit community. Then and now we've always been a diverse tribe of real people, telling our stories and changing the world together.


The traditional Jewish prayer said before Torah study is a request to know God personally and study his Word for its own sake. In Hebrew this approach to learning is called lishmah (leesh-MUH): for its own sake.

Our programs are based on the original model of discipleship practiced by the first followers of Yeshua and embody this lishmah philosophy. For this reason we don't offer accreditation, degrees, or any of the accoutrements typical of secular institutions.

Instead, our goal is to help you answer your Rabbi's call to follow in his footsteps and study for the sake of knowing him. If you want to go change the world you must first come sit at the feet of the Master. Are you ready?

Why is this Hebrew school different from all other schools? We're openly and passionately Messiah-centered. We're a real community with hundreds of active members around the world. And we're affordable!

PROGRAM: Watch videos at your own pace.

Our learning program is simple and easy. All lessons are presented in video format so you can watch or just listen, at home or on the go. 

Our courses are also self-paced so you can move at the speed that works best for you - whether that be binge-watching multiple lessons a day, fitting the occasional video in every couple weeks, or just catching bits and pieces of the newest stuff as it comes out. 

Studying with HLI is the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. It really is all about you, your schedule, and your passion!

PRICING: $25/month or $250 year (scholarships available)

In a university/seminary setting the world-class educational experiences we offer would cost thousands of dollars each. In sharp contrast, we only charge a straight fee of $25/month or $250/year for unlimited access to everything.

How can we do this? Holy Language Institute has taken three radical steps to keep overhead to a bare minimum and enable everyone to enroll: we operate entirely online, we're volunteer-run, and we're structured as a charity. We've also done away with the multi-tier system where the priveleged few who can afford it get access to more. Everyone is equal at HLI!

For perspective, a membership is less than a dollar a day. Our observation has been that the vast majority of people who truly want to study with the Institute can afford this. For those who can't, we recommend finding someone to sponsor them in exchange for regular accountability reports on their learning progress.

We do offer a limited number of one-year scholarships at discount and emergency-level rates; instructions to apply can be found in the FAQs on the contact page. And finally, there is also the option to volunteer in exchange for a free membership.

MEMBERSHIP: Instant access for the whole family!

Why not give membership a try? You'll get instant access to all the videos and resources and your own place in our online community. And if you discover it's not for you, no problem - just cancel with the click of a button.

Information is hosted here at The videos are hosted on our channel, Holy Language TV, which also processes payments and hosts the Tribe forum. We also have Tribe groups on the Signal and Marco Polo apps.

A membership is for a whole family. So feel free to allow the members of your immediate household to sign into your account to access the videos and resources. They're also welcome to join the Tribe on the Signal and Marco Polo apps with their own accounts - just let our admins know in the Tribe group first. Just remember, you're still legally agreeing to not share our members-only content with anyone outside your family as per our privacy policy here

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