We use text and email to update our student body and help them stay consistent with their studies. If you sign up for emails and don't receive an email right away check your spam folder. If you sign up for texts and don't get anything you probably texted the wrong number or didn't text back with YES to confirm. If this happens please carefully sign up again. If you're getting too many emails DON'T click unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails or you'll be blocked and never hear from us again! DO click preferences and then select the specific lists you'd prefer not to get anymore.

Holy Language Institute: Our primary list. Weekly emails with the newest lessons, personal stories, funny memes, and the occasional update or survey. You'll also receive a weekly "campfire story" from our Founder with the backstories to HLI, our courses, volunteer program, etc. You can also get this list by text: carefully text HOLY to 844-906-3961 and then confirm YES when prompted.

CoursesWeekly emails inviting you to do a lesson a week. Tantalizing summaries and quick links help make your learning easy and sustainable.

Yeshua GroupsA network of storytelling discipleship groups started by our Founder. Along with occasional introductions/updates from group leaders you'll receive a series of weekly emails with the how/why of Scripture storytelling.

Mussar Center: Dedicated to our Founder's teachings about the Jewish discipline of Mussar as a way to become more like Messiah. Weekly texts/emails starting with the 'Biblical Mussar' course and continuing on to book convos.