Messianic Messages

Prophetic Journey Through The Torah & New Testament

These messages were given to me over the course of roughly three and a half years when I was leading a congregation in Saskatchewan, Canada. Every Saturday I preached my heart out on the things I felt Christians most needed to hear, things lost to the body of Messiah whose prophetic time had come: the Jewishness of Jesus, the Hebrew roots of Christianity, and the ways of the Early Church. By the time I was done I had taught through the entire Torah and New Testament and cast a burning vision for the body of Messiah that is as urgent now as it was then.

We now air these Messianic Jewish messages 24/7 to millions through our internet radio station "Yeshua Radio" and also offer them here. These messages are mostly listed in the order they were given but are also thematical: 1. Explanatory "Why" talks, 2. Expository preaching, 3. Biblical Festivals, 4. Making Disciples, 5. Storytelling Scripture, and 6. Creating Communities.