The Tribe

Connect with the Holy Language community locally and online, read our stories and tell your own, and maybe even join the volunteers who run HLI!

Online Tribe

The Tribe is your place to make new friends, talk about what you're learning, and follow Yeshua together. We use the Marco Polo app for video conversation and the Signal app along with the Forum at for written interactions. After you've joined use the 'Check In' button at the bottom of every page to take you straight to the Tribe.

Guidelines (Read Before Joining!)

These guidelines are in place to keep our community safe, enjoyable, and on point. The purpose of this group is to give you a place to talk about what you're learning at and to connect on a personal level. We're not an 'anything goes' group so please read through these instructions carefully before joining or your posts may be deleted and, in extreme cases, you may even be removed from the group.

Optional Hebrew Study Group: As already stated, the Tribe group is dedicated to discussing what you're learning at and relating on a personal level. This is also the group that Izzy uses for Q&As and to share new lessons. We DO have a second Tribe group dedicated to Hebrew study for our more vocal members where you can make as many Polos as you want and you're welcome to join that group too. You'll see the links to both the Conversation and Hebrew Study groups here:

Local Tribe

With over a thousand listings around the world we probably have someone in your city or country! Use this map to connect with students in the area where you live or that you'll be travelling to/through.

Our Stories

We're a diverse tribe of real people, telling our stories and changing the world together. Sharing your story is our informal initiation rite so if you haven't done this yet, we hope you will! You're also welcome to send in updates anytime. The only way you'll get these stories is by text/email so sign up free!


Did you know Holy Language Institute is run by volunteers? The "Stewards" are making history, learning new skills, and having the time of their lives working together. And this is your chance to be a part of it! If we accept your application you'll also receive a $300/year membership for only $20/year (the minimum fee our video platform charges.)