Hebrew Quest
The forty foundational lessons. Learn the alphabet and basic grammar, then read from the Old and New Testaments in Hebrew. Diverse content includes stories, parables, proverbs, poetry, expressions of love, and the names of God.
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Along the way learn the Hebrew culture of Jesus and the early church, how to communicate the gospel to Jewish people, and the history of the Hebrew language - including the miraculous story of how it became a modern language!
Hebrew Chapters
Hebrew Chapters takes you through a chapter of the weekly Torah portion, word by word. Identify verbal roots, build your vocabulary, and get deep original word studies. New study every week! Subscribe and watch the newest Hebrew Chapters episode now.
Hebrew Sketches
In these short talks, Izzy tells you the big idea and concrete meaning behind Hebrew words. With the help of stick drawings on a napkin! Subscribe and watch the newest Hebrew Sketches talk.
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