Introduction to the Mishnah 1 (FREE)
~What's the Mishnah all about?
~What does the word "Mishnah" actually mean?
~How is the Mishnah structured and formatted?
~Does Judaism differentiate between the written and oral law?

Introduction to the Mishnah 2 (FREE)
~How was the Mishnah developed?
~What's the language of the Mishnah?
~Was Hebrew a dead language in the time of Jesus?
~Isn't the Mishnah adding to the Torah?

Introduction to the Mishnah 3 (FREE)
~What did Yeshua think of the Mishnah?
~What does the New Testament say about the Mishnah?
~What about the Shem Tov Hebrew Matthew?
~Are traditions bad?

Introduction to the Mishnah 4 (FREE)
~What are your gut reactions to the Mishnah?
~What if you feel scared, threatened, or overwhelmed?
~Does it make a difference if you're Jewish or Christian?
~What if you're One-Law or Two-House?

Brachot 1:1, Lesson 5 (FREE)
~Overview of Tractate Brachot and its focus on what Yeshua called the "greatest commandment"
~Introduction to the two Gamaliels, one mentioned in the New Testament
~Connection between the title Rabban and the Aramaic phrase "Maranatha" used by Paul
~Why the "takanot and ma'asim of the Rabbis" aren't bad, as one Karaite teacher alleges
~Why disciples are called sons in Judaism and in the Gospel of John
~The Hebrew word for the sages, and what the acronym "chazal" means
~First instance of building a fence around the Torah

Brachot 1:3-2:2, Lesson 6

~Short bios of the two greatest sages in Jerusalem when Yeshua was a boy
~First recorded disagreement between the schools of Hillel and Shammai
~Why Jewish people say "C.E." instead of "A.D."
~Ancient blessings said before and after the Shema
~The "Messianic Era" and a Talmudic passage saying Messiah was supposed to come 2000 years ago
~Taking a yoke, the Kingdom of Heaven, and Paul's focus on "faith and love" in ancient Judaism

Brachot 2:3-3:1, Lesson 7
~The word for Exodus also means to fulfill the Torah, reminiscent of Romans 7 and 8
~A tip from the sages to Hebrew newbies to not mumble and read all over the place
~Introduction to the 18 Blessings prayer and evidence the early Jerusalem church prayed it
~The prayer for the coming of the Messiah mentions salvation "Yeshua" three times
~The Amidah "standing prayer" and Rabbi Yeshua's teachings on standing to pray
~Why phylacteries is a silly word and evidence the Master wasn't against them

Brachot 3:4-5:1, Lesson 8
~Distinction between Rabbinic tradition and Torah command
~The early church prayed Mincha at the "hour of prayer", Jewish versus Roman clock
~Real prayer isn't fixed and is done with a serious and earnest mind
~The apostle John called God "Hashem", the Name
~Hasidic Jews and Gentiles in Mishnah and NT
~God is the "the Place", the Omnipresent, the Context

Brachot 5:5-7:3, Lesson 9
~Why Jews understand the apostolic better than Christians
~What were the blessings Yeshua said before bread and wine?
~"Everything created through the Word" in John 1:1 is the Jewish blessing for food
~The seven yummy species that put Israel on the map
~Example of synagogue liturgy from Messiah's time

Brachot 6:8-8:6, Lesson 10
~Why we look at our fingernails during Judaism's prettiest ritual
~Why did they only count the men at the feeding of the 5000?
~We know the prayer Rabbi Yeshua said after eating
~Why we say Kiddush before Shabbat and Festivals
~We know the prayer Rabbi Yeshua said before holydays

Brachot 8:8-9:4, Lesson 11
~Where did Christians learn to say "amen" to other people's prayers?
~Samaritans didn't have cooties, they WERE cooties
~What to say at Jewish funerals and celebrations
~Several principles of Jewish prayer that are both simple and profound
~To be Hebrew also means to make babies, go figure!

Peah 1:1-2:6, Lesson 12
~Helpmate means EQUAL TO
~Your heart can call Rabbi Yeshua your "abba"
~What does "in the naaaaame of Jesus" actually mean?
~Gamaliel, famous in both the Mishnah and the New Testament
~Historical eras in the transmission of Torah halacha

Peah 4:4-8:9, Lesson 13
~If God wants you, why is he hiding from you?
~How "corners of the field" worked in the time of Jesus
~Midrashic interpretation only works in Hebrew, here's why
~Hebrew wordplay in the apostle Peter's second letter
~Why did Yeshua curse the fig tree when it wasn't even fig season?

Demai 2:1 - Kilayim 1:1, Lesson 14
~Did Yeshua approve of Mishnaic interpretations such as cumin tithing?
~Why did the Pharisees separate themselves from the common people?
~Simon Peter had the power to bind and loose...what?
~Were wheat and tares an illegal mixture, or just dumb?
~Tares is related to the word for sexual immorality

Kilayim 2:5-8:6, Lesson 15
~The old Hebrew word for hemp is kanabus
~Rabbi Yeshua's broad road and narrow path dichotomy in Jewish law
~Betrothal is pictured by vines trained together and intertangling
~Charming glimpse of parties in ancient Israel
~A little zoo of wild and domesticated animals

Kilayim 7:1-9:9, Lesson 16
~Nations blessed through Abraham means "grafted in"
~Don't throw away your cotton/polyester underwear!
~"Our Father who art in Heaven" in Judaism
~Paul's concept of "dead not under the law" in Jewish law
~"Practicing your righteousness in secret" in the Mishnah

Shvi'it 1:1-1:6, Lesson 17
~Beautiful symmetry - days start in the evening, and years start in the fall
~Prophetic word for the festival of Shavuot/Weeks/Pentecost means "stop"
~It's not wrong to call the Day of Trumpets "Rosh Hashanah", here's why
~Do you struggle with shame? Here's the story your heart needs to hear.
~In Hebrew fig trees either get harvested, or cursed...sound familiar?

Shvi'it 2:2-4:2, Lesson 18
~Encouragement if something's piercing your heart
~Know what "Bethphage" means? It's chillingly prophetic.
~Jews are more comfortable with debates than Christians, here's why
~Paul got his field and building analogies from the Mishnah
~Evidence the countup to Pentecost doesn't start on Sunday

Shvi'it 8:5-10:9, Lesson 19
~What was nailed to the cross and done away with? The Torah?
~Three legal transactions Yeshua poetically used to say "you're mine!"
~Here's how Hebrew is all about the great beyond, the other side, and crossing over
~Glimpses of geography and racial dynamics in the world of the Master
~How do barbers, scribes, and God all do the same job?

Terumot 2:3-11:10, Lesson 20
~Why do Messianic Jews say immerse instead of baptize?
~Is it true that Judaism is legalistic and focused on externals?
~What does it mean that Jesus is our Rabbi? Like teacher?
~This Hebrew wordplay in the New Testament will make you cry
~Discipleship is all about your lifestyle and habits, here's why

Ma'asrot 4:4-Maaser Sheni 4:11, Lesson 21
~Rabbi Jesus talked about tithing dill, just like other Rabbis
~Dwell and pledge are the same Hebrew word...think Holy Spirit
~In Judaism God and Jerusalem are both called "the Place"
~Paul got his idea of "reckoning yourself dead" from a deep Hebrew insight
~Want to see more of the glory of God in your life? Here's how.

Ma'aser Sheni 5:1-5-Challah 4:10, Lesson 22
~Is it true you shouldn't keep Torah if you can't keep it all perfectly?
~How much do you know about the years between Malachi and Matthew?
~What does the name "Iscariot" actually mean? What's Judas' backstory?
~Ever eaten Challah? Did you know there's an entire Tractate about it?
~Yom tov is a traditional Jewish name for Festival sabbaths

Orlah 2:4-Bikkurim 2:6, Lesson 23
~Why I wish I had these lessons when I started studying Torah
~Hebrew wordplay in Yeshua's teachings telling be to be your spicy self!
~Israel had ninjas way before Japan, except they were called "Sicarii"
~Jewish prayer and "Inclusion theology" in the Mishnah and New Testament
~The Hebrew word for "hermaphrodite" isn't actually a Hebrew word

Bikkurim 3:2-3:9, Lesson 24
~Full-colour depiction of how the Firstfruits were brought to Jerusalem
~Who's King Agrippa and why is he in the Mishnah and the book of Acts?
~Vilifying the "takanot" of the Rabbis is misinformed at best, here's why
~Surnames like Sagan and Nanos are old Hebrew words from the Mishnah
~How is a wicker basket a picture of Messiah and his followers?

Shabbat 1:4-6:5, Lesson 25
~How is Torah study like dying cloth in a vat?
~Yeshua saying "the Father" sounds kind of that how he said it?
~Do you light Shabbat candles? Here are some starter tips.
~That "frontlets on your forehead" thing is literal, here's proof
~How did the sages feel about packing a piece?

Shabbat 6:2-23:4, Lesson 26
~The Hebrew term for "preparing the bride" will blow your mind
~Why did Jewish people carry a nail from a cross for healing?
~Flutes at funerals, and oil and wine on wounds, in the ancient Middle East
~Kids playing with grasshoppers and fighting over dessert is nothing new
~The Hebrew words for midwife, sandal, prayershawl, and pee are interesting

Eruvin 1:7-5:4, Lesson 27
~"Roll away the stone" means something that will take your breath away
~What does "Rebekah" mean? The Bible doesn't say, but Mishnah does
~How is a cistern of water like you when you're meditating on Torah?
~The way you measure people is a reflection of YOUR character, here's how
~How are evil spirits talked about in ancient Jewish writings?

Eruvin 5:6-10:14, Lesson 28
~If I'm a Messianic Jew should I leave my non-Messianic synagogue?
~"If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord", is that a formula?
~What if your spirit's outside and your body's inside instead of vice versa?
~In Jewish law you become one through wine or bread, sound familiar?
~"Light and heavy" in Jewish hermeneutics and in the New Testament

Pesachim 1:1-2:8, Lesson 29
~The Jewish euphemism for the night of Passover will chill you
~What was Israel doing during the Last Supper and Crucifixion?
~The Jewish nickname for Yeshua means "undecided" and "suspense"...WHY?
~What's the difference between yeast and leaven? How about symbolically?
~What did a Passover Seder look like 2000 years ago?

Pesachim 4:5-9:3, Lesson 30
~Wasn't Passover on the 15th? What was Yeshua eating on the 14th?
~What does the relationship between a rabbi and disciple look like?
~The Passover sacrificial procedures were a graphic picture of Christ's passion
~Charming story about a Dad getting his sons to race to Jerusalem
~Why are there mysterious dots over some letters in the Torah?

Pesachim 9:3-10:7, Lesson 31
~Why are there four cups in a Passover seder, and how old is that tradition?
~Why is there a fifth cup for Elijah, and how Messianic is that?
~Jesus is coming to take us...where? (brace yourself)
~What was the hymn Yeshua and his disciples sang after their seder?
~How many of the prayers in the Siddur go back 2000 years?

Pesachim 10:1-7, Lesson 32
~The Hebrew word for the salty parsley is so beautiful it'll bring tears to your eyes
~Here's how we know that much of the Seder is from the time of Jesus
~Passover teaches us to tell our whole stories - the good, bad, and ugly
~Do you know which of the Passover elements isn't actually commanded?
~Afikomen is so messianic it will blow your mind...and it's a tradition of men!

Shekalim 1:1-5:2, Lesson 33
~Have you seen the images on the holy half-shekel coins?
~Did they celebrate Purim in the time of Jesus?
~Why is the "two-drachma tax" story Izzy's favourite?
~Did you know having the upper hand is a Hebrew expression?
~Why are non-Greek words like "mammon" in the Greek NT?

Shekalim 5:2-6:4, Lesson 34
~The Jerusalem Temple and Messianic Community both had seven "deacons"
~The Second Temple had a room for "giving in secret"...sound familiar?
~A Priest found the Ark and died before he could tell anyone!
~Example of how the "takanot and ma'asim of the Rabbis" aren't evil
~Holiness is all about accomplishing your mission in concrete ways

Shekalim 6:6-8:8, Lesson 35
~Why do Jews call God "Hashem"? How old is that tradition?
~Are non-Jewish believers Gentiles, or is that a dirty word?
~Hit rock bottom? You're in the best place of your life if you do this.
~You're not going to believe what happened to the Sanhedrin in 30 A.D!
~Did they still bring stuff to Jerusalem after the Temple was destroyed?

Yoma 1:1-1:3, Lesson 36
~Count with me the many ways that a man's wife is his home
~Is Yeshua 100% spiritual or 100% physical, or both?
~Single and married are both good gifts from God and have pros and cons
~You don't have agree with the Mishnah for it to have historical value
~New to the Jewish prayerbook? Here's the best tour guide to the Siddur.

Yoma 1:5-5:2, Lesson 37
~Where did Jesus get the idea of apostles from...was that Jewish?
~Peter's nickname meant Rock in Greek and Runaway in Hebrew. Coincidence?
~What was the high priest doing on the night of Yom Kippur?
~Three people who inspired me when I first starting teaching Hebrew
~If the ark wasn't in the Second Temple, where was the presence of God?

Yoma 6:8, Lesson 38
~Where was God during the "silent years" between Malachi and Matthew?
~Multiplication of loaves under Shimon HaTzadik's ministry, sound familiar?
~Alexander the Great shocked everyone by bowing to the Kohen Gadol, here's the story
~3 miracles stopped happening in the Temple starting in 30 AD...why?
~Sometimes Christian evangelism of Jews comes across as an uninformed attack

Yoma 3:8-8:9, Lesson 39
~Why is God's name "ineffable" and what does that actually mean?
~The Jewish prayerbook is full of echoes from the time of Messiah
~Is God's kingdom a geographical political entity, or is it even bigger?
~Yom Kippur doesn't work in these two situations
~Beautiful midrash from a word meaning "hope" and "baptismal tank"

Izzy here. I study the Mishnah because it sheds light on the New Testament (they're from the same Jewish world, after all) and because I have a personal passion to understand Yeshua of Nazareth. That's what these Mishnah Snapshots are - glimpses of the Master, and insights into the writings of his disciples, that I've caught through my personal studies of the Mishnah. I hope they thrill your soul like they thrill mine!