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Welcome to Hebrew Quest, our foundational course! The goal of this program isn't just to teach you the basics of Biblical Hebrew, although it will do that. The goal is to deepen your relationship with Yeshua of Nazareth, so you walk away from every lesson closer to him than you ever were before. How do I do that? By showing you the Jewishness of Jesus, the New Testament, and the roots of the Christian faith, and by getting you reading the Bible that Yeshua read.

As you can see from this video with some clips from the lessons, they happen in several settings, with me wearing a variety of costumes to make things fun. In the construction set, you'll learn grammar and how the language is "built". In the Middle Eastern set, you'll learn about the Jewish context of the Bible as you read from the ancient scrolls. In the classroom set, you'll learn valuable information about the language and history of the Bible.


Hebrew Quest consists of 40 lessons, each running from 60 to 90 minutes. Each lesson is actually composed of several mini-lessons. That way you can do a whole lesson in one sitting, or in several shorter sessions, depending on your time and learning style. Here are the mini-lessons you'll experience by the time you've finished the program:

3.5 hours of introductory material (introduction to Hebrew, our learning philosophy, your teacher's Hebrew story)

10.5 hours on the Hebrew letters (practical reading and writing, and spiritual teachings on subjects such as how each letter points to Messiah)

2 hours of seven discussions on "Why Hebrew?" discussing the connection between Hebrew study and discipleship, Bible study, missional strategy, restoration, the Messianic Jewish movement, worship, and impressing one’s spouse.

3.5 hours of seven discussions on Hebrew history discussing why Jews and the early Christians believed Hebrew was the original language, its tracks from Eber to Israel, Hebrew in Second Temple Judea, early Christianity’s link with Hebrew, Semitic New Testament primacy, famous Christian Hebraists, and the story of Eliezer Ben Yehuda - the man who made Hebrew the language of modern Israel.

2.5 hours of functional grammar explaining sentence structure, various grammatical terms, and simple and complex verbs.

2.5 hours learning the Hebrew names of the Tanach, Hebrew names in the New Testament, Jewish blessings before and after meals, and the Israeli national anthem.

2 hours learning expressions of love and friendship from the Hebrew Bible.

4.5 hours praying the Hebrew names of God and Messiah in the Old and New Testaments.

23 hours reading from the Hebrew Bible and a Hebrew translation of the New Testament: Creation in Genesis 1, Parables in Matthew 13, Shema in Deuteronomy 6, Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6, Priestly Blessing in Numbers 6, David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17, the Word in John 1, Elijah and the False Prophets in 1 Kings 18, Binding of Isaac in Genesis 22, Giving of the Torah in Exodus 19 and 20, Shabbat in Exodus 31, Tzitzit in Numbers 15, Festivals in Leviticus 23, the Messiah in Revelation 1, Psalms 1, 19, 27, 45, and 145, and 100 popular Proverbs!

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